Freelance Writers: how to Earn $60,000 a 12 months presenting Social Media advertising and marketing to organizations

in case you’re a contract online author, presenting social media advertising in your current customers is a great way to make more money – quite easily.possibilities in Freelance Writing: Why Social Media is an ideal match for online Writers and related FieldsIn order to recognize why providing this provider in your purchaser base is so rewarding, permit’s check a few data on this area of interest as of this writing (April 2011). The cause this is essential is because it’s what customers you will be concentrated on know. In quick, they recognize that this shape of on line advertising could make them lots of money. therefore, they are inclined to pay the right social media specialist (you!) plenty.Social Media statistics of the 3 largest players: facebook, Twitter and LinkedInFacebook. fb isn’t even a decade old (it changed into launched in February 2004). yet, it has over has 500 million users international (some stats cite six hundred million), and 1/2 of its active users go online every day.Twitter. Like most websites in this style, Twitter is a child in comparison to older advertising retailers (e.g., television). it’s simplest 5 years antique as of this writing. the primary tweet become sent out on March 21, 2006.LinkedIn. This web page is the oldest of the 3 largest sites like this. on the time of this writing, LinkedIn had extra than a hundred million customers, with some one million new individuals joining each to Get Social Media commercial enterprise: start landing profitable Consulting Jobs nearly ImmediatelyIf you freelance as a writer (blogger, net fashion designer, internet marketer, and many others.) and probably already know a way to interact on Twitter, fb, LinkedIn, and so on. subsequently, it may be quite easy to parlay this know-how into plenty of cash. for example, did you realize that the average charge many freelancers charge to manage social accounts for customers is $two hundred-$three hundred in line with HOUR? evidence?A file published via the website ReadWriteWeb way back in 2008 showcased an interview with the pinnacle bloggers and specialists on this niche… NONE of them had been making less than $a hundred and fifty per hour for consulting and the average rate become around $ three hundred.00 in line with hour. a few commanded expenses of $2,000- $4,000 for 20-40 hours worth of labor. [Article Title: How Much Do Top Tier Bloggers and Social Media Consultants Get Paid? We Asked Them!]Bringing inside the Social Media commercial enterprise: What It Takes to Earn $60,000 in keeping with 12 months as a ConsultantOk, now that you understand why social media enterprise is there for the taking, permit’s crunch some numbers and show you ways smooth it’s miles to herald $60,000/12 months as a representative on this area of interest. if you smash it down, it looks some thing like this:$60,000/365 days= $five,000 month-to-month$five,000/4 weeks=$1250$1250/5 days=$250250/8hrs= $31.25So, when you destroy it down, you observed your hourly fee would be $31.25, right?Getting Social Media business the clean WayAn easier manner to do it is to double or triple your charges and work with less humans. Then, you could nonetheless bring inside the identical every day income, however with less work.can you actually double or triple your costs? sure, simply! The demand is there like by no means before. One freelance writer who kind of fell into this form of net advertising reviews being so busy because she “handiest” expenses $125 an hour that she’s raising her fees.Why Getting Social Media business Is So easy right Now – CapitalizeMany freelancers are already on Twitter, LinkedIn and fb – for his or her personal agencies. Why now not leverage this expertise to earn hundreds greater in step with month? Who is aware of, you may even what to phase out your primary freelance business (e.g., writing, internet layout, net advertising) to awareness solely on this shape of net advertising.